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What payment methods does Go Booklets accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

Where do I download my audio book purchase?

Once you submit your payment information, you’re brought to the Order Status page. At the middle of this summary page is a download link (just under the name of the product you purchased). If you missed this, then not to worry. A receipt is sent with each purchase you make to the email you provided. There are two links included — one to download your purchase and one to visit the Order Status page. Check your spam or junk folder if you don’t see this in your inbox. Of course, you can always visit the Order Status page through the link under the Shopping widget in the right sidebar on every page of the website (exception: Home). Depending on your setup and the type of product you chose, the product may load automatically in your browser. If you’re on a computer, you can select “Save Page As” to save the download to your computer. If you have any issues with your download, then please email Team Go for further assistance. One of our representatives will be happy to manually email you the download you need once payment has been verified.

What is the small books revolution?

With nearly a third of Americans not cracking open a book to read each year, change is long overdue. Go Booklets publishes small books to facilitate reading on the go. Enjoying a book on a tablet has never been better, and our commitment to writing small even produces a breezy read on smartphones. Try one of our FREE EBOOKS to see what we mean!

Is there more to a book than its cover?


Does Go Booklets have an exclusive with Amazon?

No, we don’t always agree to have an exclusive with Amazon. When we do, we find that it greatly focuses (and simplifies) our initial promotional efforts. Amazon provides a first-rate shopping experience, with the majority of our customers already having at least an account with them, if not also owning a Kindle mobile device. For those who own a Nook, Nexus, iPad, or other device, all that’s needed to read a .mobi file is a free Kindle app. Simply shop the app store on your device for it. In exchange for our commitment, Amazon offers a great profit-sharing program and exceptional exposure—both of which provide a strong lift to fledgling titles as they enter the marketplace.

Which digital format does Go Booklets recommend?

The most enjoyable format is likely an MP3 audio book. Written works come to life when they’re read — and it’s easier to find time to enjoy a book when you’re in traffic, or doing busy work and chores. Multi-task and listen! This said, it’s truly a matter of preference—and whether we offer the publication of your choice in MP3 audio format. Our free PDF eBooks are beautifully formatted (and priced right).

How do I transfer downloads to my mobile device?

If you’re downloading a free PDF eBook on a computer or mobile device, then the PDF will open immediately. Depending upon how your mobile device is set, it could open in a reading app. If you’re purchasing an MP3 audio book, then we recommend downloading to your desktop on a computer then emailing to your mobile device. Of course, they are other ways to sync files in the cloud so that they’re shared between all your devices. To find the best advice that’s specific to the computer or mobile device of your choice, we recommend a Google search that looks something like this “transfer MP3 from my Mac computer to a Kindle Fire” or “open a PDF on a Nook.”

Do you offer paperbacks?

Not yet, but we’ll soon offer them. However, we won’t stock them in a warehouse. We’ll print them “on-demand” to your order then ship once they’re produced. Because there’s no warehouse, we never stock more than we need to fulfill. We use a local printer which reduces our carbon footprint (as opposed to using a national house then shipping to headquarters for quality assurance then shipping to you). We use Earth- and child-friendly soy-based inks.

Do you plan to offer video books?

Yes, we absolutely want to push the envelope. However, we don’t yet have a date to share for when the first one will be available for purchase or download. Thank you for your patience!

Why do you limit the number of downloads to one (1)?

Our download process is as fool-proof as it gets. We don’t offer an automatic download system that can hang depending upon the browser that’s chosen. We don’t favor an auto-responder email that flies the download. Those can land in a spam folder on your end. Visiting the Order Status page (simply click the second link under the Shopping widget in the right sidebar of any website page except the home page) should mean that you get what you need the first time. The failure rate is extremely low with this process. If you have an issue that trips up your download, then please contact Team Go and we’ll provide personal assistance by email or follow-up phone call.

What's the best way to sample Go Booklets?

On some of our product pages under the Shop main menu tab, you’ll find audio clips or other samples. However, if audio books and paperbacks are not your preferred media, then we encourage you to visit our Free eBooks tab to download any of our PDFs. No money or card information is required or exchanged. We do require your email address in order to send the free gift electronically. Be sure to check your spam or junk folder for these emails once you’ve opted for this. Set any white list settings in your email program of choice to allow future emails to land in your regular inbox.

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