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In 2012, Go Booklets is established as the publishing imprint for award-winning American marketer Eric S. Townsend. Short but poignant paperbacks, ebooks and audio collections are designed for reading on the go. Titles explore self improvement, sports, humor and fiction. The lean media revolution begins.


Knowledge is power, but know-how is king. Laugh, look twice and think new.
— American author Eric S. Townsend, Go Manifesto (2012)

Tabula Raisa

In 2015, Go Booklets ventures into early childhood education with the launch of Tabula Raisa. The adventure series for children ages 6 and older is successfully funded through Kickstarter. It receives Staff Pick, the tag “New & Interesting” and a showcase on their home page (#1 of 418 active publishing projects at the time). The series currently includes 8 titles plus a range of multicultural dolls, learning games and world crafts.


“Small Books”

In 2016, American author James Patterson reveals his plans for “small books” through The New York Times. His BookShots series brings further attention to the lean media genre.

How do you sell books to somebody who doesn’t normally read? Make them shorter, cheaper, more plot-driven and more widely available.
— American author James Patterson, The New York Times (2016)

Coming Soon
New releases from Go Booklets are always just around the corner. Work in progress includes a sci-fi thriller (in four parts), a rhyming travel diary through Iceland, a horror series and a musical.