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We’ve begun production and shipping of on-demand paperbacks. We’ll print and bind to your order (with no or limited inventory). Please be patient on production and USPS Media Mail shipping (which saves you money).

Our Approach

We prefer to produce an environmentally-responsible product. Paperbacks print on-demand using the Konica Minolta AccurioPress C2070. This digital press achieves an EPEAT rating of gold (its highest marks re: environmental impact). “Small books” are shorter than average length, so each print run takes less time, materials, and electricity to generate impact and enjoyment. The press is newer technology and therefore a more energy-efficient appliance than traditional offset presses. Because the distance between printer and publisher is remarkably short at just 1.1 miles, far less gas is expended (may publishers print out of state or out of country). We reduce waste by removing over-runs from the process (we print only what we need). Lastly, we print on Mohawk 100% recycled papers while still achieving 98% brightness. We’d love to be using soy-based or other green inks but it’s just not feasible at this time via on-demand, short-run digital presses. We’ll continue to monitor the market for alternatives at a suitable CPU (cost-per-unit).

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