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FILE SIZE: 54 mb
TRACKS: 33 (31 entries + 2 intro)
NARRATOR: Eric S. Townsend

Iceland is the land of fire and ice. Few places offer such extremes in beauty. Many swear they can feel the ground moving under them. This collection of original prose, local folklore, travel tips and black/white photo journalism offers a wondrous look at this great Arctic nation. Join the author as he narrates 31 entries to the sound of howling wind, roaring ocean tides, horses, walking across ice, snow and rocks, and more. Inspired by an east-west tour of the famed Ring Road (and a few of its lesser-paved offshoots). It’s a 450-mile stretch — a little more than half of the world’s greatest road trip (828 miles, or 1,332 km). Edited by Bryan McKee. Narrated by the author, Eric S. Townsend. Mastered by Jeff Severson.

Please note: narrator pronunciation of Icelandic words is incorrect in some places.

The Sun Hangs Low (1:52)

An Invitation (2:18)

The Cliffs of Dyrhólaey (9:09)

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