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AUTHOR: Eric S. Townsend


PDF VERSION. Iceland is the land of fire and ice. Inspired by an east-west tour of the famed Ring Road (and a few of its lesser-paved offshoots). Few places balance such extremes in beauty. Many swear they feel the ground moving under them. On this occasion, join the author as he pens 31 entries across seven December days — making the most of just four hours of daylight, sunrise to sunset. This collection of prose, local folklore, travel tips, and photography offers an eclectic look at the beloved destination.

The Sun Hangs Low is the second volume in the Poems Across Iceland series. The author travels to the Arctic nation most years. He’ll produce new volumes as they come to him.

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This title is available as an eco-friendly paperback or audiobook, or bundled with Enzwell in the Poems Across Iceland collection!