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Blue Clouds (eBook)


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PAGE SIZE: 4.25″ x 6.87″
AUTHOR: Eric S. Townsend

PDF VERSION. Blue Clouds: Prince Unauthorized traces the roots of Prince Rogers Nelson (1958-2016): singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, fashion designer, actor, philanthropist, activist, and mentor. Examine the fortunate and difficult developmental aspects Prince faces in his childhood and early years. He’s born into a musical household with prodigious abilities, but must overcome epilepsy, parental feuds, abandonment, bullies, and racism during the U.S. Civil Rights Movement. Despite the pain he endures (and likely because of it), Prince moves mountains. Includes over 300 skits and over 100 photos, spanning two years before Prince’s birth until the announcement that his band The Revolution will star in the iconic motion picture Purple Rain.

Blue Clouds is an unauthorized biography. Go Booklets has worked with the Estate of Prince Rogers Nelson (“The Prince Estate”) regarding its intellectual property concerns. However, the publisher hasn’t sought authentication, licensing, endorsement, or sponsorship. That was by design, so the author could paint an intimate, balanced, and uncommon portrait. Considering the subject’s fierce independence, it seemed only fitting.

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