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“An object at rest remains at rest.
An object in motion remains in motion."
Newton's First Law of Inertia

In business, silence is more than just a little awkward. It's deadly. The opposite (fast or sweet talk) is equally lethal. Both ends of the spectrum are limited means.

Catch is a childhood rite of passage. It starts with a light toss, back and forth, before something deeper is being exchanged. You're engaged in conversation. You're bonding.

Somewhere along the way, many of us forget how to play catch. We hold onto the ball too often. We stop sharing. Catch returns intimacy and productivity to your exchanges. You won’t need a mitt and a ball. Just call upon the metaphor.

"Word is bond. Bond is life."
Ancient Teaching

CATCH offers a simple but powerful metaphor for business. Donald Trump has the art of the deal. We talk the art of conversation. If this sounds like fluff, then hang in there. This is a step-by-step, strategic manual to building conversational momentum.

CATCH: BOND IN MEANINGFUL WAYS is one chapter in the complete primer CATCH: BECAUSE TELLING AIN'T SELLING. Available in audio book for $10.

Topics include:

A. Orientation
B. Show Me
C. Inquiry
D. Active Listening
E. Check
F. Resonance
G. Revelations
H. Consensus
I. Exit Strategy

Praise from Readers

"If you've ever played a game a catch, then you'll relate to this book. I was immediately drawn to the baseball analogy. It's an enjoyable and informing read. The day after reading it, I tried the technique in a sales presentation. I was more relaxed, was a better listener and I made the sale. The amount of the sale was double what I had anticipated! I highly recommend the book."
Richard S.
"Mixes excellent content with a fun baseball theme. Being in sales and a lover of baseball, it was perfect for me. Anyone who interacts with customers will find this book valuable."
Brandon D.
"Relates marketing to baseball, the all-American pasttime. When you want to pitch something, this book will be a great coach!"
Amber M.
"Filled with lots of useful information. Definitely recommend this book to any business owner."
Solanda L.
"Whether you're a baseball fan or not, this needs to be on your list of business resources. Well-written, easy to follow and filled to the brim with great content and practical advice. It really is a must-read! The analogies and quotes contribute to its readability."
Nicole R.
"Catch is addictive. Not at all complicated, but very thorough in its hand-holding. I went from not knowing how to sell properly to making my first sale!"
Jonathan R.
”The perfect companion for anyone who sells, communicates or convinces. The lessons are easy to grasp. The message is powerfully practical. All sections are written succinctly."
Christine B.
"The final chapter on the close will comfort anyone thinking this will be cheesy or about hard-selling. It's not! It shows you how to listen better and have a conversation. When you're that person, people will want to buy from you. The author called it "opt-in" selling. It just feels right!"
Susan F.

Perfect for:

Any time you need to be convincing: presentations, sales pitches, workshops, evaluations, bargaining, negotiation, compromise, conflict resolution and much more.


If asking questions is how you begin a conversation, then listening is how you create momentum. Intensifying an exchange shouldn’t feel intense. Conversations advance steadily. Avoid racing. In baseball, playing catch builds arm strength and lowers the risk of injury.

Research shows that, on average, we can hear four times faster than we can talk. The more intently both parties listen, the sooner they’ll come to an understanding.

You and she want smooth progress and a productive end. Don’t confuse progress with speed. Focus instead on ease and enjoyability. There are three types of listening: active listening, passive listening and NOT listening. Only one leads to a productive conversation.

Above clipped from the "Active Listening" section

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CATCH: BOND IN MEANINGFUL WAYS is one chapter in the complete primer CATCH: BECAUSE TELLING AIN'T SELLING. Available in audio book for $10.