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About the eBook

“It's not what you look at that matters,
it's what you see."
Henry David Thoreau

Bizkü (pronounced biz-coo) are one of the most accessible personal growth tools you can enlist. You won't need to be a lover of haiku or any poetry for that matter to appreciate the instant gratification here.

Scroll the entire collection of 200 entries in 1,160 seconds (19 or so minutes). While it takes just 5 seconds to read a bizkü, one just might challenge a long-held perspective. Traditionally, haiku are poems on three distinct lines. 5-7-5 syllable pattern.

Bizkü deliver valuable nuggets of wisdom. They speak to what lurks behind decisions being made. They deliver the straight talk. They help you to avoid failure. They're designed for laughs, looking twice and thinking anew.

In business and life, few will pull you aside to help you read between the lines. Missing a deadline, losing a sale, not getting the promotion — you will fail before you learn to succeed.

"If you only have a hammer,
then you tend to see every problem as a nail."
Abraham Maslow

When the first bizkü were tweeted in 2011, there was a fair amount of head scratching. How does ancient Japanese poetry lend itself to business and life? The marriage may have initially seemed odd, but our take has gone on to produce uncommon results.

BIZKÜ 40 is also available in audio book for $5.

Praise from Readers

"Not just for business. Makes sense for the sidelines at your daughter's soccer games. Great for any situation where competitiveness makes you think and act in ways that are not in your self interest."
Norm G.
"Business books that take something like poetry and try to relate it to business often come out forced or trite. This is pleasantly different. Useful for getting through some tough days."
Brian G.
"Inspirational! You don't have to finish them all in one sitting."
Joe L.
"When I first picked up Bizkü, I thought it might apply only to the business world. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the haikus are also applicable to education. Many of them can be used in the classroom as writing prompts for students to get them thinking critically."
Maria I.
"Worthwhile investment. Anyone with a product knows the world won't beat a path to your door unless you create a reason for them to buy. You might be able to broaden your perspective with some of the insights. A little of this goes a long way."
Jeff S.
"Simple, yet brilliant. Range from simple and straightforward to complex and thought-provoking. Many have made me think of business and my personal life in a different light. It's amazing how a simple haiku has changed the way I approach an issue or solve a problem."
Daniel P.
”A witty book from a witty guy. Lots of interesting thoughts to read for enjoyment and inspiration. Good for a kindle read!"
Rebecca D.
"Art and life advice in one? Yes please! These are the quotes that you tape to your mirror to kick the day off right."
Dave D.
"It's not easy to find a book that makes you think and is enjoyable at the same time."
Patrick L.
"There are a lot of thoughts in here. Some you'll find inspiring. Others maybe not so much. What inspired me might be the ones in your "not-so-much" box. There's something for everybody."
Woody H.
"Quick and easy reading. These haiku make you think, smile, and move forward. Easy to pick up but hard to put down!"
Greta W.

Commentaries cover:

Presence, Winning, Problem Solving, Saying No, Active Listening, Mismanagement, Dishonesty, Requiring Less, Carelessness, Brainstorming, Questions, Sustainability, Investment, Frivolity, Positivity, Synthesis, Security, Boredom, Danger, Composure, Trailblazing, Branding, Pretense, Socialization, Maturity, Procrastination.

Perfect for:

Life's “in-between” moments: commutes, subway, airport, cooking, grocery store, waiting on line, background at work, warmup before sporting event, intermission and so many more.

Sample Bizkü

The more she says it,
the less comfort I receive.
The truth is shared once.
Bizkü 35

Keep re-inventing.
To get fat and hit recline —
first train to flatline.
Bizkü 129

Honesty shopping.
Buffered kind works like ice cream.
Soothes now, bloats later.
Bizkü 182

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BIZKÜ 40 is also available in audio book for $5.